Warranty and Product Care



All our items have 6-month warranty against filling or production defects. The customer should send us the item back for analysis, and once we confirm that the defect has been originated by production problems - and not by misuse of the product, the customer can choose:  


1. Receive a new item of the exact same model. 


or, in case the returned item is not being produced anymore or is out of stock,  


2. Have the amount paid as credit in the store to purchase another item. 


Contact us for more details:  

email: mienscloset@gmail.com

whatsapp: 55-11-99355-7119  


PRODUCT CARE - Attention: Broken or damaged itens after misuse will lose the warranty  


In order to maintain the beauty and integrity of the items, it is important to have the following care:


- For items with natural stones: be very careful with them, as they are fragile and may break if they suffer a strong impact, such as if they fall or are hit. Broken items due to misuse will not be covered by the warranty. 


- Avoid contact with corrosive products (parfume, creams, cleaning products). Remove the jewellery before wearing creams and parfumes and only put them back after the product has been completely absorbed by the skin. Never put parfume direcly on the jewellerly.  


- Remove the jewellery before washing your hands, shower, entering into the pool or sea.  


- Do not use the jewellery on the beach, as the sea water and sunscreen damage the items.


- Be careful with the stones, as they may break after falling or knocking somewhere.


- Clean the items with a cloth before storing them. 


- Store them in a dark and dry place, and individually to avoid friction and damages. Friction with other items or metallic material may damage the coating. 


- Our items do not darken, however a slight oxidation is natural, something that happen even with pure gold items. In order to return to its natural color, clean the item with a cloth appropriate for gold plated items.  


- Our items are highly durable and the integrity of the gold coating can be maintained for years, if appropriately taken care of.