Spirit Purple Agate Necklace

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Marvelous unique gold plated purple agate pendant in golden grass necklace.  


One of a kind! As the pendant is natural, there is other in the world that is exactly the same, just as there are no two flowers that are identical, nor leaves nor people! Run and be the happy owner of this wonderful necklace.


The string is made of Golden Grass, an exotic type of grass that only grows in a remote part of Brazil. It is not found anywhere else in the entire planet. Golden Grass has a beautiful golden color that never fades, hence the name Golden Grass! This product is eco-friendly, as the harvesting of Golden Grass is only allowed in certain periods of the year, ensuring and preserving its perpetuity.  


Purple agate has a soft effect on the soul, bringing up the spirtuality consciousness and the universal energy that feeds our spirit.