Golden Grass Choker with Amethyst Druzy Pendant

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Elegant golden grass handmade choker, with amethyst druzy pendant. Wear it and shine wherever you go!


Golden Grass is an exotic type of grass that only grows in the region of Jalapão in Brazil. It is not found anywhere else in the entire planet. Golden Grass has a beautiful golden color that never fades, hence the name Golden Grass! This product is eco-friendly, as the harvesting of Golden Grass is only allowed in certain periods of the year, ensuring and preserving its perpetuity.


Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that protects its user of negative energy, and enhances cognitive perception, creativity and passion, strengthening imagination and intuition and refining the thinking process! It's a talisman for focus and success!  Wear it on your neck to bring you focus to achieve your goals! 


Since the amthyst druzy is a naturally cut stone, it may come in different shapes and sizes, as shown in the pictures. Please let us know in case you have any specific preference!


All metal parts are gold plated.